Asset Inventory Management Project Description

Asset Inventory Management

  • Provided the sales team with a rich user interface which helped distinguish the product from competitors.
  • Ahead of schedule - delivered to QA 15 days earlier than expected.
  • Quality delivered - the QA bug count and severity were lowest seen.
  • Integrated our composite window management within the Silverlight application.
  • Implemented PRISM 2.0 infrastructure in the Silverlight application.
  • Implemented Model-View-ViewModel, MVVM, patterns in all the PRISM modules.
  • Designed and developed the Security Module, utilizing ASP.NET Membership and Role providers in Silverlight.
  • Designed and developed modules to manage barcode association for RFID tags.
  • Designed and developed a module for commanding and retrieving inventory details in real time.
  • Designed and developed the Human Resource Module - to manage new users, roles, permissions, and employee details.
  • Designed and developed the Reports and Dashboard Module - Silverlight 3.0 data visualization solutions for real time dashboards.
  • Designed and developed custom controls: Gadget content control on the desktop, Fish Eye items control for the main menu.
  • Reduced the code in WCF, Windows Communication Foundation, services for authorization checks, by using imperative authorization.
  • Implemented custom behaviors in WCF for IoC integration with WCF services, Silverlight fault contracts, and error handling behavior.
  • Improved system stability by improving the RFID reader libraries consuming Microsoft BizTalk API.
  • Automated obfuscation for client (Silverlight) and server side code with MSBuild and Dotfuscator.
  • Automated creating MSI installers during release builds using MSBuild.


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